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Bob Moore: Desperate Times Published on Amazon

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroIf you haven’t heard, Bob Moore: Desperate Times has finally been published on Amazon (in time for my October deadline). But this is only the beginning. In the coming days/weeks, check back here for all sorts of extras including behind the scenes podcasts where a couple of my beta readers quiz me about Bob, his world, the themes, and even future stories. I’ll post a few deleted scenes – stuff I cut from the book because it slowed the pacing down. Yes, I know the book is over 100k words but it was, at one point, longer. I’ll also be posting news about and reviews of the book as I become aware of them. It’s been a long haul and I’m SOOOOOOOO glad to be done editing. Now, I can go back to the fun stuff – writing. That’s right, Bob 3 (tentatively titled Bob Moore: Hostile Territory) is already half plotted. My goal is to finish up the outline this week and start writing next week. I’ll tell you what – I learned a lot from Desperate Times, not the least of which is that I’ll never, EVER post deadlines again. Too many things can happen that are outside my control.

Lastly, I promised to do a few posts about my experience posting Desperate Times to the various ebook services. I shall. We did Amazon first because 1) it has the largest audience, 2) we’ve done it before and pretty much knew how it would go, and 3) because it wasn’t Smashwords so I knew it would be up and available to download not in weeks, but in hours. Next up will be Nook and iBooks followed by Smashwords. As a small preview, the process for posting to Amazon is SO easy and straight-forward. If you have Word, pretty much what you see is what you get. I’ll expand on that later on this week. For now, I’m going to take a nap.

Inspired by Terror

According to the description and rating, this is similar to what I was climbing in the gym.I climb. Rocks. Well, rock walls at gyms mostly. But I climb. I took a few years off after the birth of my second son, but I started back up a few months ago. Now that I’ve gotten my rhythm and some of my ability back, I’ve started to lead climb. You may have been to a climbing gym before (maybe not). Most of the ropes are connected to the ceiling in some way with one person on the back end (the belayer) and the other climbing. This is called top-roping. The rope is always above you and you focus solely on climbing. The belayer keeps the rope fairly tight so that, if you fall, it arrests your fall quickly.

Lead climbing is different. With lead climbing, you drag the rope behind you as you climb. You clip in quickdraws (a small length of very strong cord with a carabiner at each end) to hangers attached to the wall and clip your rope into the other carabiner on the draw. If you fall, the rope, now through the carabiner in the draw, is usually below you. This makes falls much more dangerous and, consequently, the climbs are much more stressful (plus harder since you have to stop and clip in the draw and the rope while hanging on to the wall). After the break you’ll see a video describing all of this. The point, however, is that climbing is like writing – just as much work and pain and sweat goes in, just as much fear and insecurity come out, and when you fall, it can be terrifying. But when you succeed, when you get to the top, it can be just as exhilarating.  Continue reading Inspired by Terror