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Self Marketing

You know what sucks the most about self publishing? Marketing. It isn’t that it is so hard, it’s the waiting. Marketing people send out hundreds, thousands of emails hoping for one hit. Maybe two. And if they get it, it’s huge. When you are doing it for yourself, it is much harder. You believe in your work. It is your baby. So you expect every email, every request to be taken seriously. As someone that gets press releases all the time for Audioholics, if you don’t grab my attention in the title and maybe the first two words, I delete you. That’s just the way it is. But it is hard to remember that when it is your work. Bob has been finding traction, no doubt about it, but the waiting is murder. With 5+ reviews in the works with a timeline of 2+ months on each, it is a waiting game. I just have to stop checking my downloads 5x’s a day. Well, who am I kidding? 5x’s an hour.