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Reading Between the Lines

In my previous post, I listed out some of the free eBooks that are well edited. After each I listed some notes. In the notes of The Demon Girl I said that I stopped reading it because of the unbelievable love story. It was the only negative thing I said in the whole post. I had my wife proofread it before I posted. Her reaction? That book (The Demon Girl) was the only one she wanted to read and, in fact, she planned on reading it next. I was floored. Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

Well Edited Free eBooks

from – http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=987So, my wife got me thinking about good free eBooks. She’s been trying to read one I downloaded a while back for the iPad called 29 Jobs and A Million Lies. She’s complained about how the mistakes and misspellings have made it impossible for her to read the book. She likes it, she wants to read it, but she has gotten so annoyed that she can’t. I feel the same way. She asked me for suggestions for well edited, free eBooks and I thought I’d go ahead type one up. This list is only from my personal experience, unfortunately, and therefore will be limited in scope. I generally read sci-fi and fantasy. For you avid readers out there that want to suggest a book or you authors that want to recommend your own, go ahead and comment below or email me from the contact form. I’ll either have a separate list for you, or I’ll read a selection to see if you are right and add it to mine. We’ll see. Remember, this is about editing not about the quality of the writing. I’m not saying these are great stories (but they mostly are), just that they are well edited. So, here it goes:

Continue reading Well Edited Free eBooks