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News: Met an Author, Got a Review, Inspired a Writer

It has been a busy few weeks around casa de la Andry. We moved to Australia for my wife’s work less than two years ago but, because Perth is at the ass-end of nowhere, we haven’t had many visitors (tickets from the States range in the $3-4000 for coach). This weekend a guy that we were friendly with in the States showed up for a business trip. Of course, since he was a familiar face, we were totally excited and welcomed him like family. Turns out he was just as cool and interesting as we could have ever hoped. In the end, we talked a lot about writing and he revealed that he had always wanted to write a novel. Well, I shared with him the Note from the Author at the end of Bob Moore: No Hero, and he got inspired. We talked for hours about his story idea and he left with a real plan to write his book. I don’t know if he will or not but it was exciting to see him so fired up about writing. Continue reading News: Met an Author, Got a Review, Inspired a Writer

DRM Creates Pirates

Reporters. Ya gotta love’em. Why just report something when you can report it sensationally? It’s the written equivalent of jazz hands. If you’ve been on any of the various writing forums lately, you’ve come across this article from The Register. To summarize, there is a new kind of spam – Kindle Spam. Basically, there are people out there that are stealing other people’s work and publishing it under their own name so that they can collect the royalties. If you think this isn’t a problem, check out what TC Southwell had to go through to reclaim her books on Amazon. While I empathize with her plight, it’s easy to see why Amazon made her jump through all the hoops she did to prove that she was the original author. If they didn’t, pirates would find successful indie books and try to “reclaim” them from Amazon. It’d be a nightmare.

Of course, it’s an issue of piracy. Saying it’s spam is really a misnomer. It’s out-and-out theft. But the conclusion that the author of the article comes to is faulty. He suggests that a monetary cost to uploading books would detract pirates. That, somehow, a monetary barrier to entry would make all the pirates magically go away.

Let’s just think about that for a moment.

Continue reading DRM Creates Pirates

Bob Moore: Desperate Times Cover

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroThe cover to the sequel to Bob Moore: No Hero is now (mostly) official. I have to say, once again, James Riot gave me both what I wanted and what I needed. I gave him some suggestions, some of which he ignored. This, to me, is exactly how it should be. When I work with my beta readers, I critically examine everything they say. I keep what I think works (regardless of what they think) and discard the rest. Eventually, we all end up agreeing to either disagree or that the solution, while not what they would do, works.

The same with James. I’d say that he took all my main suggestions but one. That one he responded to the effect, “I’m the artist, shut up.” And I did. Of course, I love the cover. It’s very dramatic and interesting. When I’ve shown it to people I’ve heard, “Who’s the girl? And the figure in the background? What’s that about?” If a cover makes you want to know more, it has done its job. I’m sure I’ll get another slew of, “I only downloaded the book because of the cover,” comments again. Great Job James. If you are looking for a cover of similar quality, check him out at his website.

Naming Charaters in Bob Moore: No Hero

So, a while back I had a question in one of my reviews (I think on Goodreads and maybe Audioholics as well) about the names in my novella, Bob Moore: No Hero. I’m not sure how other writers come up with their names, but I have two main ways. Either I look at a translation of an English word in another language or I use the name of someone I know/knew. Usually. For those that are interested, this is the history behind each of the character’s names in No Hero. For the record, this post will be much more interesting (I think) when I do it for the sequel. Continue reading Naming Charaters in Bob Moore: No Hero

How to Give Away Your Indie Book On Kindle

It was a happy accident that Bob Moore: No Hero is now free on Kindle. For those that have ever tried to upload a book to Kindle, you know that there isn’t an option for listing it for free. Initially, I resisted putting it up on Kindle and Amazon because I didn’t want to charge for it. But after a few emails from listeners and fans, I decided to go ahead and put it up for the cheapest possible price of 99 cents. A buck isn’t much so anyone that might have bought it shouldn’t feel too bad I hope. I’m only seeing about 33 cents so any ill will should really go toward Amazon in my opinion. But I digress. The question is why can’t you put your book up for free and how can you get around it? Read on to find out. Continue reading How to Give Away Your Indie Book On Kindle