There are quite a few ways to follow me these days. If you are interested in my writing (like Bob Moore), you’re at the right place. Just bookmark the Blog tab above or sign up for the RSS feed on the bottom left. I try to post here at least weekly and I try to respond to comments (provided they aren’t flame-bait or just downright mean). There is also a contact form that you can use if you want to send me a private note.

If you want to be alerted of new podcasts, blog posts, and any sort of random thought that goes through my head, Twitter is the way. You’ll get stuff on Bob and other writings, podcasts, AV news, webcomics, and more. I’m most active on twitter rather than any of the other social media services. You can also direct message me from there.

With the advent of Google+, I’ve joined yet another social service. I post there occasionally and have been known to hold G+ hangouts (usually Tuesday night at 11pm EST though that changes). Feel free to drop in with any questions about Bob, AV, or anything else. I wouldn’t mind doing special Bob hangouts on request but remember that I’m in Perth, Australia which is (generally) 12 hours ahead of Eastern time.

Just like podcasts? AV Rant is all about AV, home theater, gadgets, hi-fi, with a dabbling of statistics, measurements, and humor. My podcast partner, Liz Vinci (no relation to Leonardo), keeps things from getting too technical. Any major new book stuff will probably be announced there as well.

I have an older podcast called OurFirstMarriage. On that one my wife, Tanel, and I discussed child-rearing and relationships. In later episodes, another couple joined us for a different perspective. That podcast isn’t updated any more (though we keep talking about doing more) but will be available until we decided not to renew the URL.

Audioholics.comLastly, you can read my stuff on AV on Audioholics. This is an AV related website where I mostly (as of this writing) do previews of new gear and the occasional editorial. I try to keep things easy to understand and a little tongue-in-cheek.

There is a link to Goodreads below though I don’t do much there. I just started a facebook page for Bob. I don’t have a great history of facebooking so we’ll see how that goes..

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