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Review: The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Heywood Gould

By: Heywood Gould

Summary (from Amazon)

The master of the pulse-pounding literary thriller is back. Heywood Gould, award-winning screenwriter and novelist, author of bestselling novels/screenplays COCKTAIL and FORT APACHE, THE BRONX, returns with his biggest tour-de-force yet-THE SERIAL KILLER’S DAUGHTER. This one is a supercharged road trip that takes our two protagonists on a dark thrill ride to some very dangerous places. Someone is stalking college student, Hannah Seeley. Somebody would very much like to see her dead. Why? No good reason other than Hannah is the daughter of Arnold Seeley, a.k.a., the Robbinsgate Killer, convicted for 11 murders and now sitting on California’s Death Row. The list of suspects who might want to kill Hannah is long. The motive is less clear. Panicked, she uses her seductive charms to enlist the help of her classmate, Peter Vogel. Soon, Peter finds himself neck-deep in trouble. He’s in lust with Hannah, which can only be problematic. By getting involved with Hannah, he has set himself up as a target of her pursuers. After a close encounter, they have no choice but to hit the road in Hannah’s little VW Bug. The chase is on. Hannah and Peter find themselves on the run from their pursuers while trying to discover the identities of those who want to kill them. It’s a cross-country thrill ride, a cat-and-mouse chase involving murder, deception, and sheer survival. You won’t want to miss it. Continue reading Review: The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Heywood Gould

Sequel News and New Reviews of No Hero

I know some of you are wondering what happened to me. If you hoped that I was off frantically editing the book to meet my August deadline…well, you know that wasn’t it by now. I sent off the book to a beta reader a while back but they ended up sitting on it for near a month. Sort of put a wrench in my timeline. I’m now predicting an October release of Bob Moore: Desperate Times. It may be sooner but if I don’t have it out by the end of October, check the local hospitals. I surely fell off a mountain or got hit by a meteor.

In other news, Bob Moore: No Hero received two new reviews, both positive. First was from Bee’s Buzz gone AWOL:

“This first book by Tom Andry was short but so sweet with a narrative that is both cynical and darkly humourous in its telling. I found this to be one of the books I wished to be longer so that I didn’t have to put it down and face the end.”  

The second was from Two Ends of the Pen: Continue reading Sequel News and New Reviews of No Hero

Reading Between the Lines

In my previous post, I listed out some of the free eBooks that are well edited. After each I listed some notes. In the notes of The Demon Girl I said that I stopped reading it because of the unbelievable love story. It was the only negative thing I said in the whole post. I had my wife proofread it before I posted. Her reaction? That book (The Demon Girl) was the only one she wanted to read and, in fact, she planned on reading it next. I was floored. Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

Reviews on Bob Moore: No Hero

So, I figure I would link up a few reviews. While nothing really formal has come through yet, I have (apparently) been getting some traction over at Barnes & Noble. I’m up to 7 reviews with all but one being 5-star and the other being 4-star. I’ve got nine reviews on iBooks, all of them 5-stars. I’ve only gotten two reviews from the Kindle version but both were 5-star. As far as I can tell, no one uses the Sony E-reader or Diesel since I’ve seen nothing over there. The most extensive and critical review came from Goodreads. Reader Krystl Louwagie took a hard look at Bob and really didn’t pull any punches. Feel free to read her review and my response. One thing she said really struck a chord with me and I’d like to talk about it. I had a response to her drafted a number of times on Goodreads but didn’t think it was the right forum for it. Basically, she said that some of her friends on Goodreads pull their punches when they know an author is a Goodreads author. You can guess that I’d disagree with that and you’d be right.

Continue reading Reviews on Bob Moore: No Hero

Review or Not To Review

Or more aptly – To Be Reviewed or Live in Obscurity

In the history of time, no one has ever truly asked another to rate their child on a cuteness scale and wanted an honest response. As you’ve probably noticed, the world is full of ugly babies. You can bet on any given day, each and every one of those babies has had someone look at them and say, “Oh, look how adorable.” It’s not true. You know it isn’t. But you (and others) say it anyway. My wife says that all babies are cute. That may be true but “cute” and “attractive” are not the same thing. But I digress.

Many authors will tell you that their work is their baby or refer to it in similar terms. That should give you a hint to how honest they want you to be when you read it. They don’t really want to hear the bad. They really want you to like it. They are proud of it, as well they should be, and they expect you to be impressed. Really, it is hard to be honest in the face of such unprotected ego. Continue reading Review or Not To Review