Bob Moore: No Hero

First eBook in the Bob Moore series

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Superhero Nation
“The characterization is unusually strong,
particularly for the main protagonist.””The ending sequence was eerily effective.”

“I would strongly recommend this book to
anybody who wants to make a disagreeable
protagonist more likable.”

“The main character feels like a private

Bee’s Buzz gone AWOL
“This first book by Tom Andry was short
but so sweet with a narrative that is both
cynical and darkly humourous in its telling.
I found this to be one of the books I wished
to be longer so that I didn’t have to put it
down and face the end.”

Jeff Hendricks Review
(Author Seeking the Heavens)
“The characters were funny, the setting was
intriguing, and it went by too fast.”

Book’d Out
Bob Moore: No Hero is an entertaining
novella – the characters are appealing
and the general premise is engaging.”

Indie Paranormal Book Reviews
“Andry has certainly created a world that is an
interesting “what if” scenario that considers
what might happen if super powered humans
suddenly started showing up in the population
in significant quantities.”

“I liked the writing style and the world Andry
created. I also really liked the ending and
how the mystery was resolved. I was definitely
glued to the last third of this book. I didn’t
guess the culprit, but I came close.  I felt it
was a solid book with solid writing…”

Two Ends of the Pen
“Sometimes a free book can surprise
you and this was definitely the case of
Bob Moore: No Hero. I read this novella
in one sitting and found it quite engaging…
If you like PIs with a sense of humor,
then you should definitely read this story.”


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