Bob Moore: Hostile Territory

HT_coverThird eBook in the Bob Moore series

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Bob Moore doesn’t have super powers and doesn’t want them. What he does have is a metal leg, a dead daughter, and a lot of people with powers to blame.

A former private investigator, Bob made a career of embarrassing supers. His ex-wife, a powerful super and leader of the Super State, has parked the Super City, a levitating metropolis, over Bob’s apartment. The location is no accident. Bob is “invited” by the Vice President to become the new US Ambassador after two previous dignitaries have disappeared. A pair of grisly killings with an evidence trail that leads to one of Bob’s only allies puts the City, and Bob, on alert.

Trapped in a city full of supers that would love to see him dead, and his ex-wife’s life in the balance, Bob must choose whether to save the City, his ex-wife, or let his anger at the supers cost him everything.

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Bee’s Buzz gone AWOL:
“Andry has done a brilliant job of pulling together influences from popular culture and blending it with his own unique creativity to really sell the believability of this world and it’s inhabitants. The idea of a superhero or main character of a storyline being untouchable was discarded a long time ago and Mr Andry has been sure to keep it in the history books. You have an alcohol dependent, overweight main character, the females leads will never be someone you’ll want to mess with or imagine as damsels in distress and, would you believe it, even the secondary characters feel fleshed out and cared for. The Supers are never to be considered as safe, not in these books, and to be the spectator as they realise that is not fun or uplifting but it sure as heck keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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