Update 10/2013

What the hell is going on with this site, wondered probably no one. I don’t much update it anymore and that isn’t by choice. I’ve got a few posts in my queue that have been there for months. MONTHS I tell you. Why didn’t I post them? Too controversial. Too personal. Just too ‘something’. It didn’t feel right.

And I’m bad at bullshit.

Okay, back up. I’m great at bullshit. I can go on and on about subwoofers even though I’ve probably written 50,000 words on them already (that may be a very low estimate). But I’m bad at bullshit on this site. Here, I want what I write to be about something. I was on another site the other day. They posted about their cat. Or fish. I don’t remember. Might not have been theirs. But they posted it and had like 20 replies. Maybe 30. About pets.

I don’t have pets. I have kids. And I don’t much want to talk about them because it is all I talk about most days.┬áThe problem has been life. I only have three days a week to work and the rest of the time I’m watching my kids. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing much less for posting on a blog that I’m pretty sure very few people read.

So, what is going on with me asked both of you that haven’t just called me to ask? Touch of Pain, my fantasy novel, is in the hands of two, count’em, two beta readers at the same time. That puts that book officially in limbo until they get done. After, I’ve got one or perhaps two more readers to go through before I get go in for my final, FINAL edits. Touch of Pain is in the home stretch, that’s for sure, but it is probably a month or two off.

But you’re probably wondering about Bob. Well, Bob 4 is in the works. How far? Good question.

Five chapters is the answer. I just finished Chapter 5 last night and will be pushing forward tonight. My “goal” is to have a workable draft by the end of October.

That’s right. End of October.

So, how long will you have to wait for the release? Likely months. Probably around the first of the year if I’m lucky but closer to spring if I continue to go through my beta readers at the same rate. When you aren’t paying people for editing, you can’t exactly rush them. I’m streamlining my process but it is still time-consuming.

One thing I have been doing is posting some of my college writing over at Wattpad. These are very short stories from my college days. It is free to join and read so if you’re interested, check them out here.

Things to look for on this site in the coming weeks – Deleted scenes from Bob Moore: Hostile Territory. A discussion of the names and other “Easter Eggs” from Hostile Territory. More updates. I’m in talks with a cover artist for Touch of Pain so there will be news of that as well as it progresses.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a pet. But it’ll likely be a lizard or something.

2 thoughts on “Update 10/2013”

  1. hey man, I am listening, and I am also one of your biggest fans, I eagerly await the next book(s) from you and I do hope you don’t feel so, hmmm, discouraged? I guess that’s how you sounded. if I could babysit for you while you wrote I would. I also wish I had a better handle on the English language and I would edit your stuff myself for free because I believe in it so much. sure I might be a faceless internet guy who is a fan, but realize you have given me great stories to wonder, think, and talk about, and that is something special. a lizard sounds great too :-p

  2. Cory,

    Thanks for the note of support. I’m sorry if I sounded discouraged. That’s not it at all. If anything, I’m more motivated than ever. The problem has been that I have too many things to do and not enough time.

    Getting back to writing Bob has been a joy. The most frustrating part of writing my novels is that I can’t spend nearly the time on them I want to. My dream is to someday be able to support myself on them alone but I’m a long way from that.

    I’m actually pretty fortunate. Through AV Rant and Audioholics I’ve met people like Rob that can help me with my books and I have a bit of an audience. Many struggling writers (I consider myself struggling) don’t have nearly the support I do. I’m thankful every day for that. Writing feels like a very solitary activity no matter who you are. Having the occasional email or comment (like yours) of support is more than many have.

    If I had my way, there would be a new Bob book every year an a second book (maybe Bob, maybe something different) as well. But I simply don’t have the time yet. If someone ever decides to pay me a living wage for my books, however, watch out – I’ll be pumping them out faster than you can read them!

    Again, thanks for the support. Its readers that take the time to let me know that they’ve enjoyed my work that keeps me going.

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