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  1. Tom

    I am trying to ePublish a 4 color cookbook with many color photos. I am using AVS4You document converter which will take PDR, RTF, Word, + many other formats and convert to ePub and then let you convert back to word to see what happened. Free download trial and then $39 for a year or $59 for life.
    I have emailed it to friends with iPad and it looks good.
    BUT how do you include two finger zooming, and touch link to another place in the book and other neat things a iPad or Kindle Fire or Color Nook can do?
    I was looking eBookIt but they charge a lot on top of what Amazon, Apple, B&N charge. I will price the cookbook between $2 and $5 per download and advertise via TWITTER and Facebook.
    Any suggestions most helpful Thanks

  2. Tom –

    I just wanted to thank you for your useful posts on how to format a story for Kindle. I have just downloaded the template, and copied and pasted my children’s story into it.

    It worked GREAT! Now to take the next steps which you so generously provided for us citizens, and wanna be authors.

    Thanks for the help your templates and Kindle Instructions have provided.

    Rachel Zuckerman, Owner
    Ninjanimals Kidz

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