Bob Moore: Desperate Times Cover

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroThe cover to the sequel to Bob Moore: No Hero is now (mostly) official. I have to say, once again, James Riot gave me both what I wanted and what I needed. I gave him some suggestions, some of which he ignored. This, to me, is exactly how it should be. When I work with my beta readers, I critically examine everything they say. I keep what I think works (regardless of what they think) and discard the rest. Eventually, we all end up agreeing to either disagree or that the solution, while not what they would do, works.

The same with James. I’d say that he took all my main suggestions but one. That one he responded to the effect, “I’m the artist, shut up.” And I did. Of course, I love the cover. It’s very dramatic and interesting. When I’ve shown it to people I’ve heard, “Who’s the girl? And the figure in the background? What’s that about?” If a cover makes you want to know more, it has done its job. I’m sure I’ll get another slew of, “I only downloaded the book because of the cover,” comments again. Great Job James. If you are looking for a cover of similar quality, check him out at his website.

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