Bob Moore: No Hero – The Movie Cast

So, one of my main proofreaders Rob decided it would be fun to put together a fictional cast for No Hero. With one change suggested by a second proofreader (Clint DeBoer of Audioholics), here they are complete with pictures and commentary from me. Got any suggestions? Let me know. I’ll add them.

2 thoughts on “Bob Moore: No Hero – The Movie Cast”

  1. I love Jackie Earle Haley, but it’s my opinion that he seems a bit too old for Bob. My original pick (Tom mentioned that Jackie Earle was the lone change to the cast I had proposed) was Cillian Murphy. He might be a bit too “pretty” and striking for the way Bob is described in the book, but I think he looks more the right age (he actually IS the right age at the moment of the writing :p ) and he’s definitely got the acting chops to pull off Bob’s brooding, slightly downtrodden, but resilient character traits.

    Whisper is another tough choice. I actually think Olivia Wilde would be even better, but part of the way I came up with this cast was trying to think of actors that might actually be available and affordable for a movie like No Hero. So I tried for a mix of indie actors, TV actors and internet actors that I could actually envision as a truly possible cast. Olivia Wilde is probably way to big and expensive a star now. Strangely, Megan Fox might actually be easier to “get” these days 😀

  2. Man I’d love to see Bob as a movie! Ya think LionsGate might be interested? 😀 I’d want Duncan Jones to direct! I think he’d nail the semi-noire style and he knows how to make a great-looking movie on a small budget (which I would expect an actual Bob movie to have).

    It just seems so…possible! Tom, can I start adapting a screenplay? 😀

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