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Through nothing but serendipity, I’ve had two interviews and a feature in the last two days. I requested these all long ago at different times. The interviews were done virtually (they sent me the questions and I responded) and I’ve made sure that each was unique. I’m not sure how this will affect the downloads of Bob but it certainly can’t hurt. I’ve also heard from James and the cover from the almost finished sequel (by “almost finished” I mean first draft) is almost done. So, that’s exciting too. At least for me. Maybe for you too. Check after the break for the links.

You might think that having a fairly large presence online on Audioholics and AV Rant would be a great boon. That I’d have a built-in audience. You’d be partially right. But what you might not realize, is that it also draws a number of critics. Very, very vocal critics that have not problem telling me just how stupid/wrong/whatever they think I am. For them, they not only have low expectations of a me to start with, but they’ve been following me long enough to know my normal failings. For them, they went in to Bob Moore: No Hero with lots of expectations. Most of them negative.

So far, I’ve been fortunate. The feedback from them has been surprisingly (for them) positive. Most of all, I have my proof-readers like Rob, Theresa, and Angie to thank. Self publishing (now being more readily associated with Indie publishing much to some people’s dismay), has a reputation for poor editing. That was something I knew, up front, I didn’t want to have connected with my book.

In an interview I don’t think has been published yet, I said something along the line of “Make people hate your work for the story, plot, characters, etc. Don’t have them hate it because you don’t know the difference between there, they’re, and their.” I hold to that. Bob 2 will go through just as thorough an editing process as before. If Rob and crew hadn’t done such a good job, I might consider hiring a professional. In truth, I still am. This book is going to be a monster (at least compared to the first) and it is going to be a chore. A labor of love to be sure, but a chore nonetheless.

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