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Bob Moore: Desperate Times – Deleted Scenes 2 – The Pin-Stripped Mafia

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroI promised at the end of Bob Moore: Desperate Times and in one or both of the Behind the Scenes Podcasts (here and here) that I’d post some of the scenes that got cut from the book. If you missed it, you can read the first deleted scene here. This second deleted scene is quite long and really one of my more favorite altercations in the book. This, unlike the last scene, was one I had planned from the very beginning. I always felt like I’d sort of wasted that ember of Cindar’s in the first book and I wanted to use it. I also wanted to use this scene to showcase (again) how Bob will let tippys get away with trying to shake him down without much of a thought. The guys are inept, sure, but I loved them. In my mind, this is a group of gamers (video or tabletop, doesn’t matter) who decide to give a life of crime a shot. It’s a decent plan, I think, though they chose the wrong starting person. This scene took place after the visit by the cops. It was too much. First the packages started showing up, then the cops, then these guys, and then the installers. Something had to go. At the time of writing this scene, the end of the book didn’t involve Cindar’s ember so, when I deleted this, I was free to add it to the end (a much better place for it in my opinion).  Continue reading Bob Moore: Desperate Times – Deleted Scenes 2 – The Pin-Stripped Mafia