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Misogyny and Me or I’m Not a Misogynist but Sometimes I Write Like One

Me. Sometimes misogynist. Apparently.

Me. Sometimes misogynist. Apparently.

That’s right, I’m going there.

For some reason, I’ve been inundated lately with videos, blog posts, and just general thoughts about misogyny (a word I hope to be able to spell all by my lonesome without the help of spell check before the end of this post). For those of you that don’t know, here is the definition of misogyny (damn, spell checked again) from dictionary.com:

“hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women”

I have been accused of being a misogynist (nope, not that time either) which people sort of use interchangeably with “sexist” and my stories (particularly Bob Moore: No Hero) having misogynist (nope) tendencies. I was, I’ll admit, particularly surprised by these accusations and responded by creating Nissa, a particularly strong female character in my second book, Bob Moore: Desperate Times. And while I’m not sure I have anything particularly insightful to say on the subject of misogyny (got it! suck it spell check!), I do think I will do something that not a lot of writers do. Rather than point out problems in other people’s work, I’m going to explore the problems in my own.

Refreshing or a thinly veiled way of defending my own work? You decide. Continue reading

On Writer’s Inspiration, Motivation, and Block

Recently, I got a tweet from a reader. It went like this:

Is it inspiration or caffeine that drives u during your writing blitzes. Or a magic mix of both til you trip over your eyeballs?

The short answer is that I’m sort of nuts so, when I start something (like writing a chapter or a book), I tend to want to finish it. That means that such “blitzes” are really more a function of some sort of inner desire not to leave something half done rather than any sort of external push or motivation. But that got me thinking about motivation. Why do writers write? More specifically, why do I write? This is likely to be more an existential journey so you may want to grab a cup of coffee for this one. Continue reading

On Predictability

Spoiler Alert – I’ll be discussing the plot of Bob Moore: Desperate Times.

Predictability. One of the easiest criticisms levied against any book is the “I saw the end coming” comment. With the amount of entertainment, albeit movies, television, or the various print mediums (including online, comic, and traditional books), there is nary a plot or twist that hasn’t been done and done again. I once heard it said (probably a paraphrase from someone long dead and way smarter than me), that everything that could be written, has been. We’ve all been putting different twists on the same tired plots.

That is certainly true.

In recent (maybe not so recent but seems that way to me) times, the new thing is the twist at the end (thanks M. Night for this one). If there isn’t a twist that takes the reader/viewer off guard and “explains” the rest of the movie/book, then it is somehow faulty. I have a major problem with this. Continue reading

Bob Moore: Desperate Times – Deleted Scenes 3 – Three Short Deletions

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroI promised at the end of Bob Moore: Desperate Times and in one or both of the Behind the Scenes Podcasts (here and here) that I’d post some of the scenes that got cut from the book. If you missed it, you can read the first deleted scene here and the second here. Okay, these are the last of the deleted scenes for Bob Moore: Desperate Times (the book was 105k words long – I didn’t delete much). Here we have three short things I deleted. The first is just a couple of lines that I thought were funny but were out of place in the narrative. It was near the end (I think) during an action scene. It just broke it up too much and slowed it down. But I thought it was funny so I kept it for a deleted scene. The second happens after Bob goes to the hospital to see Liz the first time. He ends up outside wondering what to do. Eventually, he goes back inside and makes a scene making phone calls. At first, he ran into this security guard. The scene was cut because it had no real purpose and was just taking up space. You may think when you read the last deleted scene that I’ve made a mistake and that it was actually in the book. That’s why it was cut. It’d already been covered ad nauseam.  Continue reading

Bob Moore: Desperate Times – Deleted Scenes 2 – The Pin-Stripped Mafia

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroI promised at the end of Bob Moore: Desperate Times and in one or both of the Behind the Scenes Podcasts (here and here) that I’d post some of the scenes that got cut from the book. If you missed it, you can read the first deleted scene here. This second deleted scene is quite long and really one of my more favorite altercations in the book. This, unlike the last scene, was one I had planned from the very beginning. I always felt like I’d sort of wasted that ember of Cindar’s in the first book and I wanted to use it. I also wanted to use this scene to showcase (again) how Bob will let tippys get away with trying to shake him down without much of a thought. The guys are inept, sure, but I loved them. In my mind, this is a group of gamers (video or tabletop, doesn’t matter) who decide to give a life of crime a shot. It’s a decent plan, I think, though they chose the wrong starting person. This scene took place after the visit by the cops. It was too much. First the packages started showing up, then the cops, then these guys, and then the installers. Something had to go. At the time of writing this scene, the end of the book didn’t involve Cindar’s ember so, when I deleted this, I was free to add it to the end (a much better place for it in my opinion).  Continue reading