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In the history of me, I’ve never read a word of a FanFic (fan fiction). I’ve made fun of it from time to time because it is an easy target but I’ve never partaken. Not fair of me, granted, but I’ve never claimed to be a saint. What brought this up was that I was on an author site (Jim Butcher) because I am reading one of this books. I came across this in the FAQ section:

Q. Will you look at my fanfic?
A. No. If Jim did, he’d have to recognize that it exists, legally, and take action against it.

Okay, so the inference is that FanFic is illegal but Butcher isn’t going to stop it. So I did some research. While FanFic’ers will decry the notion, the characters and situations in a book do seem to be protected under copyright laws. Regardless, authors seem to have the battered wife ability to pursue or not based on whim or fancy. An interesting note is that J.K. Rowlings lets most FanFic go unless it is pornographic in nature. I understand that. It makes sense. Continue reading FanFic