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Pirating Books

I took my middle son to a birthday party over the weekend. One of the moms had read Bob Moore: No Hero and liked it. We were talking about it and one of the dads overheard. He asked that as an eBook author if I was worried about piracy. Not really since my book is free. But in the future, if I charge for other books, sure, I’ll be worried about it. There is this thought out there that anything digital should be free. Someone buys one copy and they can upload it to the whole world if they want. Well, that’s fine if the content took five seconds to create but if it took hundreds of hours… well, you see the problem.

Tell you what. If you want me (or any other author for that matter) to only to sell one copy of a book and every other copy should be free, that’s fine. The first copy will cost you (or someone, doesn’t really matter) $100,000. Continue reading Pirating Books