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Review or Not To Review

Or more aptly – To Be Reviewed or Live in Obscurity

In the history of time, no one has ever truly asked another to rate their child on a cuteness scale and wanted an honest response. As you’ve probably noticed, the world is full of ugly babies. You can bet on any given day, each and every one of those babies has had someone look at them and say, “Oh, look how adorable.” It’s not true. You know it isn’t. But you (and others) say it anyway. My wife says that all babies are cute. That may be true but “cute” and “attractive” are not the same thing. But I digress.

Many authors will tell you that their work is their baby or refer to it in similar terms. That should give you a hint to how honest they want you to be when you read it. They don’t really want to hear the bad. They really want you to like it. They are proud of it, as well they should be, and they expect you to be impressed. Really, it is hard to be honest in the face of such unprotected ego. Continue reading Review or Not To Review