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The Suffering Writer and Me

Me not writingI remember when I was in college and wrote my first short stories. You can read some of them basically unedited on Wattpad. I would stay up until all hours trying to “get in the mood”. The “mood” was usually dark and semi-depressed. I would concentrate on all the stuff that was “unfair” in my life and use that as fuel to fire my writing. Consequently, many of the stories are dark and surrealistic.

That was decades ago.

Since then I have been a freelance writer for, self-published three books (find them here), and have written two more (one more to be self-published, the other…well, not sure). That “mood” may have worked for those short stories but they certainly don’t work anymore.

Recently (four weeks and five days ago but who is counting?) I had knee surgery. My thought process before the surgery was that I’d use the recovery time (which I seriously underestimated) to write.

Yeah, that didn’t work out. Continue reading The Suffering Writer and Me

Misogyny and Me or I’m Not a Misogynist but Sometimes I Write Like One

Me. Sometimes misogynist. Apparently.
Me. Sometimes misogynist. Apparently.

That’s right, I’m going there.

For some reason, I’ve been inundated lately with videos, blog posts, and just general thoughts about misogyny (a word I hope to be able to spell all by my lonesome without the help of spell check before the end of this post). For those of you that don’t know, here is the definition of misogyny (damn, spell checked again) from

“hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women”

I have been accused of being a misogynist (nope, not that time either) which people sort of use interchangeably with “sexist” and my stories (particularly Bob Moore: No Hero) having misogynist (nope) tendencies. I was, I’ll admit, particularly surprised by these accusations and responded by creating Nissa, a particularly strong female character in my second book, Bob Moore: Desperate Times. And while I’m not sure I have anything particularly insightful to say on the subject of misogyny (got it! suck it spell check!), I do think I will do something that not a lot of writers do. Rather than point out problems in other people’s work, I’m going to explore the problems in my own.

Refreshing or a thinly veiled way of defending my own work? You decide. Continue reading Misogyny and Me or I’m Not a Misogynist but Sometimes I Write Like One

Fixing The Avengers: A Writer’s Perspective

Like most people I know, I love movies. As you might expect given my writing proclivities, I’m particularly fond of super hero movies. Add to that my long time love of all things Joss Whedon, and The Avengers was the perfect storm for me. It was one of the few movies in the last 10 years I went to the theaters to see (the others being Serenity (another Whedon flick), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the latest Star Wars movies including Clone Wars, a few cartoons for the kids, 300, Dark Knight Rises, and Avatar). The only other super hero movies starring any of The Avengers that I had seen were the first Iron Man and the Hulk movies so I went in with mostly my knowledge of comic book lore.

Much has been made about the problems with The Avengers. You can’t release a geek-targeted movie and not expect someone to call foul. But these posts have mostly come from the perspective of comic book fans and movie buffs. While I am both of those things, I’m also a writer and think a few line changes here and there would have made a world of difference. I don’t know the history of the characters/team all that well (I’ve never collected any comic books with any of The Avengers characters) but I do think that in most of the instances, a line of dialogue could have made everything more clear. As if it needed to be said, there are spoilers ahead. But if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should. It is easily one of the best super hero movies ever made. Continue reading Fixing The Avengers: A Writer’s Perspective

On Marketing Your Book on the Internet

Getting a book written and uploaded is only the first step. Self-publishing is a long, hard road. You’ve probably thought of creating your own blog (gee, I did) and telling your friends. But there are tons of other things to do that you may or may not have considered (many I wouldn’t recommend). But, let’s talk about them anyhow.

Let me start with the fact that a quick Google search will reveal that each and every one of these methods (and probably more) are a SURE-FIRE WAY TO GET NOTICED! The Internet declares it so. But the key for each of the different types of marketing is not the method, but how well you use it. I believe that the deciding factor in the success of each methodology is not the inherent strength, but how well that method compliments your personality. Continue reading On Marketing Your Book on the Internet

On Writer’s Inspiration, Motivation, and Block

Recently, I got a tweet from a reader. It went like this:

Is it inspiration or caffeine that drives u during your writing blitzes. Or a magic mix of both til you trip over your eyeballs?

The short answer is that I’m sort of nuts so, when I start something (like writing a chapter or a book), I tend to want to finish it. That means that such “blitzes” are really more a function of some sort of inner desire not to leave something half done rather than any sort of external push or motivation. But that got me thinking about motivation. Why do writers write? More specifically, why do I write? This is likely to be more an existential journey so you may want to grab a cup of coffee for this one. Continue reading On Writer’s Inspiration, Motivation, and Block