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Misogyny and Me or I’m Not a Misogynist but Sometimes I Write Like One

Me. Sometimes misogynist. Apparently.
Me. Sometimes misogynist. Apparently.

That’s right, I’m going there.

For some reason, I’ve been inundated lately with videos, blog posts, and just general thoughts about misogyny (a word I hope to be able to spell all by my lonesome without the help of spell check before the end of this post). For those of you that don’t know, here is the definition of misogyny (damn, spell checked again) from

“hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women”

I have been accused of being a misogynist (nope, not that time either) which people sort of use interchangeably with “sexist” and my stories (particularly Bob Moore: No Hero) having misogynist (nope) tendencies. I was, I’ll admit, particularly surprised by these accusations and responded by creating Nissa, a particularly strong female character in my second book, Bob Moore: Desperate Times. And while I’m not sure I have anything particularly insightful to say on the subject of misogyny (got it! suck it spell check!), I do think I will do something that not a lot of writers do. Rather than point out problems in other people’s work, I’m going to explore the problems in my own.

Refreshing or a thinly veiled way of defending my own work? You decide. Continue reading Misogyny and Me or I’m Not a Misogynist but Sometimes I Write Like One

On Writer’s Inspiration, Motivation, and Block

Recently, I got a tweet from a reader. It went like this:

Is it inspiration or caffeine that drives u during your writing blitzes. Or a magic mix of both til you trip over your eyeballs?

The short answer is that I’m sort of nuts so, when I start something (like writing a chapter or a book), I tend to want to finish it. That means that such “blitzes” are really more a function of some sort of inner desire not to leave something half done rather than any sort of external push or motivation. But that got me thinking about motivation. Why do writers write? More specifically, why do I write? This is likely to be more an existential journey so you may want to grab a cup of coffee for this one. Continue reading On Writer’s Inspiration, Motivation, and Block

Names in Bob Moore: Desperate Times

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroSo, after I released No Hero, I gave the back story behind each name. For fun, I’m doing it again. With Desperate Times, there are a lot more names and I found more and more interesting (to me) ways of including people I knew into my story. So, the short version, if you want to be immortalized in one of my books, try hanging out with me. Buying me beer also helps. Just a suggestion. Some of the below I copied from the previous post (cutting and pasting is so much easier than restating. And yes, I’m drawing out this first paragraph so that the picture on the right there doesn’t hang off the bottom of the text. Because I’m that anal. So, without further ado, the history of the names in Desperate Times. A book. That I wrote.

(There, that should be enough) Continue reading Names in Bob Moore: Desperate Times

In The Cage: ‘Real’ books versus eBooks

I was recently asked by a reader about my thoughts on ‘Real’ versus eBooks. That was it. The question. No additional information. Just my thoughts. So, being the obliging sort, I thought I’d take a crack at it.

As I explained at the end of Bob Moore: No Hero, my first real experience with eBooks was with the iPad. It was an eye opener in that I experienced a whole world of free eBooks. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I also discovered that I could buy and download “regular” books. In my world, up until that point, books came from one of two places: Amazon or the library. I’d visit Borders or Barnes & Noble (sometimes Books-a-Million) from time to time, but mostly it was Amazon for purchasing books. They were just so much cheaper. And here I come to my first point in the fight between real and eBooks: Continue reading In The Cage: ‘Real’ books versus eBooks

Naming Charaters in Bob Moore: No Hero

So, a while back I had a question in one of my reviews (I think on Goodreads and maybe Audioholics as well) about the names in my novella, Bob Moore: No Hero. I’m not sure how other writers come up with their names, but I have two main ways. Either I look at a translation of an English word in another language or I use the name of someone I know/knew. Usually. For those that are interested, this is the history behind each of the character’s names in No Hero. For the record, this post will be much more interesting (I think) when I do it for the sequel. Continue reading Naming Charaters in Bob Moore: No Hero