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In The Cage: ‘Real’ books versus eBooks

I was recently asked by a reader about my thoughts on ‘Real’ versus eBooks. That was it. The question. No additional information. Just my thoughts. So, being the obliging sort, I thought I’d take a crack at it.

As I explained at the end of Bob Moore: No Hero, my first real experience with eBooks was with the iPad. It was an eye opener in that I experienced a whole world of free eBooks. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I also discovered that I could buy and download “regular” books. In my world, up until that point, books came from one of two places: Amazon or the library. I’d visit Borders or Barnes & Noble (sometimes Books-a-Million) from time to time, but mostly it was Amazon for purchasing books. They were just so much cheaper. And here I come to my first point in the fight between real and eBooks: Continue reading In The Cage: ‘Real’ books versus eBooks

Kindle, Premium Catalogue, and More

So, last week, exactly at this time, I wrote a scathing post about Smashwords because it had been over a month and Bob still hadn’t made it into their Premium Catalogue. Well, cooler heads prevailed (namely Tanel’s), and I held off posting. Well, last weekend it was finally accepted and we’re now awaiting shipping. This means that within a week or two Bob will start showing up in all the major eBook libraries.

Except Kindle.

Yes, as most of you are well aware, Smashwords has not yet worked out a deal with Amazon. I had thought, a while back, to publish to Kindle myself but then discovered that you couldn’t do so without setting a price. I didn’t want to do that (I wanted to give Bob away) so I didn’t publish. Well, after a while and a few conversations with authors that both give their books away on Smashwords AND publish them to Kindle with the lowest possible price ($0.99), I’ve changed my mind. Specifically I asked Carolyn Kephart (her short story The Kind Gods is pretty awesome) who has published many stories that way and she helped convince me. Thanks for that. So now Bob is on Kindle. If you don’t know, I make about 34 cents on each sale so I have no plans of quitting my day job. This is just to get Bob in front of a different audience. There is a Kindle version available on Smashwords but the formatting is a little weird and the one I uploaded is perfect so you aren’t getting nothing for your buck. At least it is a bit better looking.

Continue reading Kindle, Premium Catalogue, and More