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The Internet is not a Clique

If you’ve been online on any social media or news outlet, you’ve heard that the leader of the Westboro church, Fred Phelps, is sick or dying or dead. I’m honestly not sure. I’m too busy doing other things like making sure my kids are at soccer and haven’t dropkicked each other to pay much attention. I tend to take an osmosis approach to world events – if it is important enough, I’ll find out about it whether or not I try. I know that many people are news junkies. I’m not. I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me.

But judgment is really what it comes down to on the Internet, isn’t it? How did I find out that this Fred guy was sick? People celebrating about it on Twitter. For me, Twitter is different from other social media outlets. I specifically follow people who I know, those I want to know, or people I respect. When it is the last category dancing on the upcoming grave of a man neither of us knows except from what we’ve seen on television, color me taken aback.  Continue reading The Internet is not a Clique

Good and Bad Customer Service their request, I wrote an email to the CEO of Qatar Airlines. The TL;DR version – Expedia SUXS, Qatar Suxs, iiNet awesome. Settle back people, this is a long one.

Today I called iiNet to cancel my Internet service. I wanted them to hold off for a day or two so that I can have Internet while I am moving out. Chris (the CSR) says that he’s put a note on the order to let it sit for a day or so. I’m like, “Whatever” and tell Tanel (my wife) that we’ll have to start stealing Wilf’s (my neighbor) Internet. As I’m saying it, I get this email.

Hi Tom,

After your phone call I asked around and was informed that the cancellation itself was instantaneous, the part that was pending was to do with the codes and setup on our end. What I’ve done is uncancelled it and set myself a reminder for two days to fully cancel it.

If there’s anything else we can help with, feel free to reply to this email or call us again on 13 22 58


Chris Continue reading Good and Bad Customer Service

The Real Bob Moore

I promised to post some “deleted scenes” material last week but didn’t. In other news, I’m working on Chapter 6 of the next Bob book. Tentatively titled Bob Moore: Hostile Territory, I’ve been keeping people apprised on my progress via twitter. My dad caught wind of it and did a Google search to see if a similarily titled book had been published. I’m not sure what he found other than this picture:


Taken from the book SEAL Warrior: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
By Thomas H. Keith, J. Terry Riebling, Michael E. Thornton (Link), my Dad thought it was funny that this Bob Moore looked a lot like what he had pictured in his head. Sans the gun and about a million bullets, of course. This Bob is obviously more of a badass than my Bob will ever be. That’s what I get, I suppose, for trying to find an “everyman” name. It pops up everywhere. We even found an investigator page for the attorney firm called Bob Moore & Associates (Link).

Deleted scenes on the way, I promise.

Following the Applause

Having children makes you think about the things, people, and events that formed you into the person you have become. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. It’s just something that I’ve coveted. But the only “encouragement” I got was from a college professor that was obviously more interested in my body (at the time) than my ability. So I turned back to what I’d received accolades – writing.

I’m “friends” (the quotes indicate “facebook” or “twitter” rather than real life) with a number of artists. For them, it is all about practice. Anyone can be an artist, they say, with practice. As a father, I think it is more than that. It is a little encouragement at the right time. Continue reading Following the Applause