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Smashwords: A Review

Okay, I think it is time to put some of this Smashwords love-fest into perspective. I’ve read so many articles lately talking about how Smashwords is the best thing since sliced bread. Don’t get me wrong, most of what is said about them is true. It is a one stop stop for your ebook. You upload to Smashwords and they’ll send it to almost every online ebook site on the web (the notable exception is Amazon). Easy. Mostly. Convenient? Definitely. But it isn’t without its flaws. And here are the ones I’ve found.
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Welcome Nook Readers

Seems like Bob got linked up over at Drippler. Thanks for that faceless person(s) behind the site. It was categorized under the Barnes & Noble Nook. Can’t say I’ve honestly seen a Nook. I hope all of you enjoy it and review it somewhere. Not sure if there is a review function on the Nook, but if so, great. If not, Smashwords is a good place. Or just tell five friends. Or ten. Or one. At this point Bob needs all the help he can get.