The followup to Bob Moore: No Hero

Bob Moore: Desperate Times

The followup to Bob Moore: No Hero
The Full Length Followup to No Hero
 Second eBook in the Bob Moore series

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Super powered humans started appearing 30 years
ago. Now, they are everywhere. Bob Moore, Private
Eye, dares to investigate those who could incinerate
him with a thought. Bob Moore: Desperate Times,
the action-packed sequel to Bob Moore: No Hero,
finds Bob working with his super-powered ex-wife
to foil a terrorist plot. But a new super, the most
powerful anyone has ever seen, arrives with
catastrophic results. Can Bob, a Private Eye with
no super powers, survive when so many supers
have perished?

Combining a traditional comic book style setting with
a noir tone, Bob Moore: Desperate Times marries
the action of superhero stories with deep and
thought-provoking supporting characters. Filled with
action, intrigue, and emotional depth, readers from
all walks of life and backgrounds will find something
with which to connect. The non-stop action and
monumentally high stakes mean that these are
desperate times for Bob as he must use all of his
skills just to survive and protect the people he cares
about most.

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Bee’s Buzz gone AWOL:
With a non-stop, action packed storyline
I found it rather difficult to put this book
down to go to work – once it picked up
speed it didn’t stop until the end. In Bob
Moore Andry has created a character who
could go on for a long time yet, and in
this world he has created it almost seems
to the reader that the possibilities really
are endless. The characters, even the
supers, are fleshed out and made real
with their certain flaws (a love for drink,
a superiority complex) and this makes for
great reading when you have a PI who
knows all the different angles to use on
them. Now if only I could get the job as
his next assistant!

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