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First eBook in the Bob Moore series

__ Super powered humans started appearing 30 years ago. Now, they are everywhere. Bob Moore, Private Eye, dares to investigate those who could incinerate him with a thought. When he is called to help a super from his past, however, he’ll be pushed to his limit. When supers and the police think there is no crime, can he get to the truth? Will he want to for the man that destroyed his marriage?

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The followup to Bob Moore: No Hero

The Full Length Sequel to No Hero

Bob Moore: Desperate Times, the action-packed sequel to Bob Moore: No Hero, finds Bob working with his ex-wife to foil a terrorist plot. But a new super, the most powerful anyone has ever seen, arrives with catastrophic results. Can Bob, a Private Eye with no super powers, survive when so many supers have perished?Combining a traditional comic book style setting with a noir tone, Bob Moore: Desperate Times marries the action of superhero stories with deep and thought-provoking supporting characters. Filled with action, intrigue, and emotional depth, readers from all walks of life and backgrounds will find something with which to connect. The non-stop action and monumentally high stakes mean that these are desperate times for Bob as he must use all of his skills just to survive and protect the people he cares about most.

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Bob Moore: Hostile Territory

Bob Moore doesn’t have super powers and doesn’t want them. What he does have is a metal leg, a dead daughter, and a lot of people with powers to blame.A former private investigator, Bob made a career of embarrassing supers. His ex-wife, a powerful super and leader of the Super State, has parked the Super City, a levitating metropolis, over Bob’s apartment. The location is no accident. Bob is “invited” by the Vice President to become the new US Ambassador after two previous dignitaries have disappeared. A pair of grisly killings with an evidence trail that leads to one of Bob’s only allies puts the City, and Bob, on alert.Trapped in a city full of supers that would love to see him dead, and his ex-wife’s life in the balance, Bob must choose whether to save the City, his ex-wife, or let his anger at the supers cost him everything.

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