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The Real Bob Moore

February 7th, 2012

I promised to post some “deleted scenes” material last week but didn’t. In other news, I’m working on Chapter 6 of the next Bob book. Tentatively titled Bob Moore: Hostile Territory, I’ve been keeping people apprised on my progress via twitter. My dad caught wind of it and did a Google search to see if a similarily titled book had been published. I’m not sure what he found other than this picture:


Taken from the book SEAL Warrior: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
By Thomas H. Keith, J. Terry Riebling, Michael E. Thornton (Link), my Dad thought it was funny that this Bob Moore looked a lot like what he had pictured in his head. Sans the gun and about a million bullets, of course. This Bob is obviously more of a badass than my Bob will ever be. That’s what I get, I suppose, for trying to find an “everyman” name. It pops up everywhere. We even found an investigator page for the attorney firm called Bob Moore & Associates (Link).

Deleted scenes on the way, I promise.

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