The followup to Bob Moore: No Hero

Bob Moore: Desperate Times Published on Amazon

The followup to Bob Moore: No HeroIf you haven’t heard, Bob Moore: Desperate Times has finally been published on Amazon (in time for my October deadline). But this is only the beginning. In the coming days/weeks, check back here for all sorts of extras including behind the scenes podcasts where a couple of my beta readers quiz me about Bob, his world, the themes, and even future stories. I’ll post a few deleted scenes – stuff I cut from the book because it slowed the pacing down. Yes, I know the book is over 100k words but it was, at one point, longer. I’ll also be posting news about and reviews of the book as I become aware of them. It’s been a long haul and I’m SOOOOOOOO glad to be done editing. Now, I can go back to the fun stuff – writing. That’s right, Bob 3 (tentatively titled Bob Moore: Hostile Territory) is already half plotted. My goal is to finish up the outline this week and start writing next week. I’ll tell you what – I learned a lot from Desperate Times, not the least of which is that I’ll never, EVER post deadlines again. Too many things can happen that are outside my control.

Lastly, I promised to do a few posts about my experience posting Desperate Times to the various ebook services. I shall. We did Amazon first because 1) it has the largest audience, 2) we’ve done it before and pretty much knew how it would go, and 3) because it wasn’t Smashwords so I knew it would be up and available to download not in weeks, but in hours. Next up will be Nook and iBooks followed by Smashwords. As a small preview, the process for posting to Amazon is SO easy and straight-forward. If you have Word, pretty much what you see is what you get. I’ll expand on that later on this week. For now, I’m going to take a nap.

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  1. Congrats, Tom!

    This really has been just a ton of work on your part, but I think the end result is well worth it! Desperate Times is excellent. Now it’s time to start pimping the heck out of it and getting it on the other ebook services 😉

    I sent in a review on Amazon (just waiting for it to be approved as I type this). I also bribed the HT Guys to give you a shout out on their next podcast 😀

    Once you’ve got it published to more services, I think you (or I, on your behalf) should really try to get the word out there as much as possible. I’d like to write to all the popular folks on Twitter and the various podcasts that I listen to. I’d love to be able to provide them with a free version somehow though. I figure “celebrity” types might not check it out if they have to pay :p Maybe some password-protected way of doing that? I dunno. Worth the risk?

    Anywho, this really is a stellar accomplishment and you deserve to let yourself enjoy it for a while!

    Then get back to work :p


  2. If by “enjoy it” you mean “stay up until 1a.m. plotting Bob 3 and deciding that I don’t like where it is going so I have to start over” then I agree ;).

    Thanks for the kind words and support. You and the rest of my beta readers have really been invaluable. I kept trying to find a better way to say that than what I had at the end of the book but, really, words don’t do it justice. It makes a big difference to have a few sounding boards to work with. Plus, you know, grammar and stuff :).

    Tanel and I are working on the other ebook conversions now. The last few weeks have been stressful and we’re feeling a little shell-shocked. I imagine we’ll get iBooks or Nook (hopefully both) up this weekend. I’ve sent out two review copies plus I’m in talks for a guest post on a review blog.

    Of course, all that is the tip of the iceburg. There will be much more.

  3. I loved “No Hero,” and am very much looking forward to reading “Desperate Times.” As a reader, however, I generally prefer to purchase from Smashwords rather than Amazon, simply because Smashwords books are never DRM’d and are therefore more future-proof than Kindle books with DRM. Although I know that authors can specifically go out of their way to choose NOT to have DRM applied to their Kindle books, I also know that many authors, by choice or inadvertence, do not go the DRM-free route. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is any way for the customer to tell whether a given book has DRM applied by looking at the book’s Kindle listing on Amazon.

    So my question is: do you know whether the Kindle version of “Desperate Times” has the Kindle DRM, or is it DRM free? Thanks for any insight you can provide, and there is no question that I *will* be buying the book — the only question is whether it is now through Amazon, or later whenever it gets posted to Smashwords.

  4. Devon,

    You are correct; when you publish to Amazon, you can choose to add DRM or not. As I am opposed to DRM on every level, I did not add it. I encourage all authors to do the same as DRM doesn’t stop piracy. All it does is make life difficult for those that have legally purchased your book.

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