QR Code For Bob

So, I’m not sure what these QR Codes do, but I got one. It leads to the Books page on this site. I feel like putting it up on this site isn’t doing me much good but whatever. Here it is. Now, what the hell do I do with it? No, seriously, what? I’m open to suggestions here.

One thought on “QR Code For Bob”

  1. As far as I know, the QR codes started with the idea being that they’d be used in physical stores. The manufacturer would slap a QR code on their product’s box, of the retailer would print a QR code on the price tag. The idea was that if a customer wanted more information about that product, they could hold up their cellphone camera to the QR code and that would take them to the manufacturer’s webpage about that product.

    Like most things though, the QR codes sort of took off more on the web than out in that scary, physical “real” world. The idea seems to just be to plaster you QR code image as many places as you can! Some indication of where it leads or what it’s about is always nice, but sometimes people just throw the QR code up all by itself with the idea being that people will be curious as to where it leads and check it out just to see where it goes.

    Mostly though, it’s just a way to save space – whether physical or virtual. To me, it’s the “Would You Like To Know More?” tag from Starship Troopers. So slap that code whenever and wherever you mention Bob!

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